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Shining a Light into your life, helping you safely reveal parts that feel blocked.

Enebaling choice.

The River of Life
and growth

Individual and Couple Counselling

Are you feeling tired and broken?

Does life feel vast and overwhelming?

Chrysolite Counselling can help you find new beginnings out of the things that feel broken by providing the security of a safe place to explore yourself, and your relationships.



Judith Blackwell

I am an integrative counsellor with over 10 years post qualification experience. Area's I work in include


Self value and image, Do you struggle with body image? or feeling you have to look  a certain way to fit in or be accepted? Do you wish you had more confidence or/and have more self respect? Do you feel that everything is out of control or falling apart? That you need to protect yourself and push everyone away so they can't hurt you? That potentially good things are being destroyed?

I can help you explore, name and understand the multitude of feelings and together we can determine where this has originated. We can challenge those beliefs, learning self love and value. Bringing acceptance of self which, changes the way we interact with others and their responses to us.


Relationship difficulties including feeling alone within the relationship, communication difficulties and infidelity. Feelings of being taken for granted and having to many expectations on us, exhaustion, frustration and things feeling broken.

Do you have fear of loosing yourself, and not knowing who you are outside your relationships and others needs.

I can help you explore what you are and are not responsible for, how to use language that doesn't set off defensive language and behaviour, we can look at activities that help you rediscover a sense of self and value. bringing a new found confidence and feeling happier within the relationship and an awareness of the choices you have.

Loss and grief, including miscarriage, infertility, and diagnosis of terminal illnesses. Plus the multitude of emotions experienced through this, like fear, doubt, anxiety. Feeling that you are lost and overwhelmed, not sure how you can carry on, frustrations of what has been lost or could have been. 

Have you heard the phrase it will be better in time? - but it's not better in time. the pain doesn't diminish the hole is never filled, but you do grow and make new connections and the hole appears to be smaller because you have grown. I can help you process these feelings and explore your responses, along with working with you to create new goals and a new future

I create a space where you can feel safe, where you are seen and heard. You are always in control of what is discussed and explored, I am hear to walk the journey with you and hold you throughout the time we work together.

This ensures your reach your goals while feeling safe, and able to talk and understand how you have reached your current situation, while learning how to move forward.


I am based in Bristol, but see clients all over the country by video calls.


Counselling is a talking therapy that helps you to understand your thoughts, processes and actions. It seeks to give you tools to overcome situations you struggle with and to identify solutions, it also helps you understand you own self value, and can help with understanding boundaries and how to structure them.

Couple counselling seeks to open channels of communication between you, to provide resources to help think about how you and your partner respond to situations differently, and to help you find ways of accepting and celebrating those differences, creating ways to incorporate them in to your relationship.


Chrysolite counselling is a good place to sit down, relax and share your story #ChrysoliteCounselling,
Chrysolite Counselling is based in Bristol for those looking for face to face counselling #BristolCounsellor,
To be precise Chrysolite counselling is based in Fishponds #CounsellinginFishponds, I see both individuals and couples #CoupleCounselling, Chrysolite counselling is one of the cheapest in the area but this doesn't diminish the quality just that I don't believe in charging the earth for support. #Affordablecounselling, Chrysolite Counselling is also a Christian counselling practice so if you would like counselling that is based in the bible come to Chrysolite counselling #Christiancounsellor

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