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Are you feeling tired and broken?


Chrysolite Counselling can help you work through these feelings, find the things that are blocking you and find a way to overcome them.


Does life feel vast and overwhelming?


Chrysolite Counselling can help you see the big picture as well as the small details that make up the picture, revealing your importance and value, giving you self worth.

Need the serenity and security of a safe place to explore yourself?


Chrysolite Counselling helps you work through a wide variety of issues and teaches you how to create a safe place to retreat to  when you feel overwhelmed, enabling you to deal with difficult experiences.


Safety and Security


These two elements are necessary to reach our full potential and help bring you confidence, counselling allows exploration to find these elements.

New beginnings out of compost


Our lives can feel as though they are falling apart and everything is disintegrating. When there seems that nothing is left, counselling can help new shoots grow out of the compost.

Is this a dream?


Life can have such an effect on us that we feel it's difficult/ impossible to connect with others. Counselling can help us understand our feelings and reactions to life and find ways to connect with others in positive ways.

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