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Introduction to my Counselling

This is the area where face to face counselling takes place. It gives us space to explore topics you wish to look into and work through. Developing develop a therapeutic relationship, is key to counselling being effective. In this room I seek to help you feel secure and safe to investigate emotions and behaviours, along with giving tools to assist with day to day struggles that may be being experienced.

Video Conferencing is an alternative to face to face and has been invaluable during lockdown. Due to time restrictions some people may prefer this option. Its as detailed and interactive as face to face counselling, Though it can take a little longer to find that safe place where you are comfortable enough to speak openly and honestly as you are generally at home.

Telephone Counselling relies solely on verbal narrative, this form is really useful if you are an audio responsive person, and are time limited. I only have a limited number of these appointments. I personally have experienced all three styles of counselling and have found each type useful.

I am hoping to post weekly about counselling whether it be something I've seen on social media that has caused a response. or a tool that will help you with everyday life, something like breathing exercises or a meditation.

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